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The Skalsa is a traditional eastern European restaurant, bar and grill located in the heart of Wolverhampton, just 5min walk from Wolverhampton bus transport and train Station.
Restaurant is decorated in modern style 2 rooms including 1 room is hired for party or wedding or more.
The menu is designed to reflect a homely, hearty and rustic food that's quintessentially eastern European , and prepared using only the very best quality ingredients.



Meet the Team

Meet the team that make this place magical

Meet the chiefs that will cook and design your food to perfection and would always want you have a stratifying taste.

Our Experience:

Our Chef has got over 25 years experience in Food Technology Industry and she is selecting chiefs who are working in a kitchen personally,very careful and that the selection she is using is very hard to pass.

What the chef can cook:

The menu contains numerous eastern European classics including Pierogi (stuffed dumplings), Berszcz (Beetroot soup), Pickled Herring, Zurek (Pickled Rye Flour Soup) served from a hollowed out loaf of bread, as well as a whole host of grilled meats and fish.
We wish you a pleasant stay and Enjoy !!!



staff always be ready to note down your order and place your meal.

Including they will be respectful to the customers and will be fairly helpful when they are needed.

Skalsa's Restaurant severs great food for you and your family to enjoy and we have also been told that our restaurant is a pleasant place.

Skalsa's Restaurant also has a function room hire for wedding, private party and many more at Restaurants Skalsa.

we have also been awarded 5 star for excellent service.

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